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We consult with parents of abducted children in both U.S. and abroad and assist in strategy and bringing your child home.

The Coaching Process

We work with parents in all financial situations to make sure they are using the law to the fullest extent.  We assist by helping guide parents through the steps needed to reunite with their children as quickly as possible.

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Family abduction happens when a family member, usually a parent, kidnaps and conceals a child for any length of time. It is a serious crime that happens to over 603,000 families a year in the U.S alone. This is a FEDERAL CRIME punishable by law. The emotional, psychological and physical impact on children is often so significant that family abduction is considered a form of child endangerment. IT IS CHILD ABUSE.

While education is the first step to take on this national problem, we've also got some great next steps you can take to protect kids from the trauma of family abduction by telling your legislators to help pass laws that will help prevent family abductions across the country.

About hiring lawyers...

You need to be aware that a great amount of money has been spent on U.S. lawyers in foreign abduction cases. The unfortunate fact is that they, most often, can’t practice in the foreign courts and are required to hire associate lawyers in the foreign country. Equally bad is the fact that the foreign court will usually rule in favor of its own citizens, if it even acknowledges your case at all.

Strategy, Mediation, Stability for Children

The International Parental Abduction Association (IPAA) started life in 2008, as a parent support network formed by one parent, Dawn Willson, who now works with other parents all trying to navigate their way through the legal minefield of international parental child abduction.  We have never received charity funds nor taken money for the services we provide, but that is about to change in 2018. Over the years we evolved and developed into an information and resource centre.  Initially starting out as the International Parental Abduction Network, in 2017 we changed our name to the International Parental Abduction Association and are now recognized as the leading organization and authority, in the U.S. in international parental child abduction and the movement of children across international borders.     

Our time is devoted to aiding clients in U.S. legal systems in conjunction with a possible foreign country jurisdiction and more.  We investigate each parent’s case before taking on a client to ensure we are serving the best interest of the child.  We operate through Facebook Messenger and Skype, due to international communication advantages in these channels, offering practical, impartial advice, information and support to parents, family members, and guardians who have had their child abducted, as well as parents and guardians who may have abducted their child.  

We also provide advice, information and support to parents who fear their child may be at risk of abduction and assist and advise in international contact issues and cases of ´permission to remove´, otherwise known as “move away” cases.  

Here at IPAA we are committed to raising the profile of international parental child abduction on the international stage.  We regularly organize and attend conferences across the world to promote the work of IPAA, raise awareness of international parental child abduction, and foster close working relationships with governmental departments and non-government organizations, with the aim to better enable a quick resolution in cases of child abduction, that focus on the best interests of children. 


We also work closely with the U.S. State Department, when warranted, the series Ministry of Justices in foreign countries, Social Services, local law enforcement, the FBI, Consular Affairs, and US state representatives. We are now providing specialist training for government departments, lawyers, academics, the police, and others who have a professional interest in international parental child abduction.

We can also offer parents a truly specialized mediation service, in conjunction with the High Conflict Institute in San Diego, where research is undertaken by the institute.  Parental child abduction was always believed to be too contentious an issue to benefit from mediation. However, our initial research, and subsequent practice, has shown that with the help of our mediators, parents can resolve their issues and come to amicable agreements that best meet the needs of their family outside of a court setting.


In America, family law attorneys and family law judges get maybe one or two high conflict international family law cases in their LIFETIME. So, parents and their legal reps need international family law education and counseling.  There are only four or five attorneys in the U.S. that have extensive experience in International family law, abduction and alienation.  This makes going to court with the right U.S. attorney and correct information extremely vital to the child’s best interests in the U.S.

Parents in high conflict international family law cases involving parental abduction and alienation are often targets of false allegations against them by a targeting parent.  The targeted parent is often suddenly and unexpectedly thrust in a situation of abuse, fear and coercion and does not usually have the emotional or mental capacity to deal with legal and governmental authorities while trying to protect a small child at the same time.  This is where the Willson & Associates Network can help.

Our Services Include:    

- Finding proper legal representation                  

- Interviewing various attorneys                                  

- Assessing retainer agreements                                  

- Background checks on attorneys and judges                                                

- Investigate conflict of interest issues                        

- Continual client counseling                                        

- Advise lawyers on International laws and treaties                                                            

- Provide legal research, draft motions                          

- Outsource International law expert testimony  

  1. -Provide education and history on parental alienation, child abduction, international family law, International treaties, 

   International jurisdiction issues, psychological profiles of targeting parents and target parents, as well as, relevant case law.

When you are emotionally distraught about the welfare of your child, it’s hard to know who is the right attorney to handle the safety of your child and how the government will help.  Attorneys often take your money, then make a lot of mistakes and then when you are broke they drop the case, ultimately abandoning the child and parent. When it comes to our children you don’t need merely one attorney to rely on to protect your child’s rights. You need a team of parents and professionals who have been there, know your pain and understand the importance of safety when it comes to your child.  This is why we exist.

More money...

Even if the U.S. lawyer is able to get a warrant in a U.S. court, in the foreign country it is often looked upon as “just another piece of paper.” Is the U.S. lawyer going to personally go to the foreign country and take custody of the abducted child?


Interstate and International Parental Abduction Support

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