Interstate and International Parental Abduction Support

Gaining Custody

Dawn Willson and her team consults with parents of abducted children and assists in making choices to help bring your child home.

Assistance available with:

                          - gaining custody

                          - locating your child

                          - legal preparation

                          - finding legal representation

                          - and even child recovery when  necessary

Legal Prep & Strategy

How Can I Help Prevent My Child From Being Abducted?

What Should I do if my child is abducted?

When a child is parentally abducted TIME IS NOT ON YOUR SIDE. It is hard to know where to begin.  Parents dealing with the loss of a child go through a number of unexpected emotions. We can help.

The Tell All Story

Dawn has been working on her personal story for the last few years. She plans to publish the book in the summer of 2013. The book is a personal letter to her daughter as a final story of what really happened when she was abducted by her father in June of 2004 the first time, then again in June of 2005 and again in August 2006 when Dawn lost complete contact.

This is about Dawn’s struggle to get her daughter back, not only through the legal systems of America and Spain, but also through the government labyrinth of the State Department’s Office of Children’s Issues and the Central Authority. It is here when she discovered America’s ugly secret when it comes to the way abduction cases are handled in the US. Her discoveries were further revealed when, in 2008, Dawn began to help other parents recover their children who had been abducted abroad.

Discover how America’s children are being sacrificed to abductors abroad thanks to the obstruction of justice by the US State Department and the failure to prosecute by local and federal law enforcement. 

This video was a personal video letter that was sent with a portable DVD player by Dawn Willson to her daughter was never received because it was intercepted by the father and his mother.  Dawn now knows her daughter never ever saw this DVD until they were reunited in January of 2009.  Rocky had been prevented from seeing her mother right around her 4th birthday. Englishman, Alex Willson took their, American born, daughter to Spain in June of 2005. Dawn lost contact with her daughter gradually over the next ten months.  Then in September of 2006, Dawn Willson lost complete contact for almost 3 years. Dawn is still fighting for custody of her daughter in the Spanish courts due to the ongoing abuse by the father. Even though he is now finally complying with court orders requiring he permits visitation and contact and despite the fact theat he gained custody fraudulently, he still, to the horror of Dawn Willson, maintains custody in Spain.

The home movie is a video made by Dawn Willson in 2007 in an attempt to communicate with her abducted daughter, after she had been alienated from her for more than a year.

Nominated in 2008 For:

In 2009 Dawn was nominated for the 2009 Ginetta Segan Award from Amnesty International U.S. by WAVE (Women Against Violence in Europe), Re-Unite (U.K.) & Team Amber Alert (U.S.) and

In 2009 Dawn Willson was also a member on the subcommittee for the WAVA (Women Against Violence Act) a congressional funding bill, introduced by Vice President Joe Biden, that provides funding to nonprofit entities in the USA to help women in abusive situations.  In 2009, the committee hoped to extend that aid to help American women who found themselves in abusive situations abroad by expanding the bill. The bill was passed.

The Real Story


In September of 2003, California housewife Dawn Willson accompanied her British husband to Spain for, what he told her was, a two-month vacation.  To her horror, she found herself and her two-year-old daughter, Rocky Blue, virtual prisoners of a man bent on staying in the south of Spain for life.

After a few months in Spain, Alex informed Dawn he wanted to extend their stay a few months more. Dawn agreed on the basis that they would return to California that spring. On January 30, 2004 the couple agreed it was time to divorce, but would still return to California together that spring. On February 2, 2004, without Dawn’s knowledge, Alex stole Dawn’s passport, drove to Almeria, an hour away, and filled out an application for residency for Dawn. (It was never processed.) However, he did not fill one out for himself or his child. (Dawn did not discover this fact until 2007). Alex continued to see his ex-girlfriend in England and Dawn was pursued by a Frenchman, but refused to have an intimate relationship with him.

In May of 2004, Dawn, flew to the US for two job interviews. She was offered both positions. Alex agreed that he and her daughter would follow Dawn once she got an offer. On June 1, Alex sent an email in regards to shifting air miles so he and Rocky travel first class and bring all the bags back over in one flight. However, 6 hours later, Alex informed Dawn by phone, that he was staying in Spain and keeping their daughter there. Dawn begged him not to do this to Rocky, but Alex declared war. He further stated that if Dawn wanted to see her daughter again, she would have to move to Spain.

Her entire world shattered, Dawn immediately filed for divorce and custody in Santa Barbara on June 2, 2004, paid the $375 filing fee, and got on a plane to Spain. Dawn sent Alex an email to pick her up from the airport.

Once Dawn arrived to Spain, Alex and her daughter were gone. Dawn was then informed her that Alex tried to board a flight to the U.K. with Rocky, but couldn’t get a flight so he took off with her to the mountains. Dawn filed a report with the police.

4 days later Alex came back and met with Dawn. He told Dawn that he would be ruthless, that he was going to make this expensive for her and that he would throw her in jail or an insane asylum if he had to in order to make sure that she did not get to return back to the US with their daughter. He told Dawn that he would not allow Dawn to see their daughter unless she gave him her and their daughter’s passport. Dawn filed another police report. When she finally met with Alex and Rocky, 4 hours later, she refused to hand over the passports. Alex then broke into Dawn’s car and took both of their U.S. passports. His mother held them in her home. Dawn filed another police report.

Because neither Alex nor Dawn would their daughter out of their sight, the three were forced to live together for the next 4 months.  Alex continually threatened Dawn verbally if she tried to leave. Dawn called the US Embassy weekly for help, terrified. They refused Dawn a new US passport for their daughter so they could go home. (The embassy requires a two parent signature on a new passport for a child under 16.)

By September, Dawn convinced Alex that all they needed was a schedule for Rocky so they agreed to mediation. In mediation, Alex agreed to Rocky living in America over the school year on a 7/5 shared custody abroad agreement. Rocky would spend seven months over the school year with her mother in America and 5 months of holidays and summers with her father. However, Alex refused to proceed with the agreement, unless Dawn left her daughter for two months in Spain with him. After what had already occurred and since Alex filed for divorce and custody in Spain based on abandonment, (In 2004, Spain required a reason to get divorced.) Dawn would not leave without her daughter. Later, Alex’s mother informed Dawn it was her fault that he did not agree to their shared schedule because she had told him that Rocky should stay in Spain for two years so she could learn Spanish.

After 4 months of keeping Dawn and her daughter hostage, and after being informed by his own attorney that Dawn would get custody and be allowed to leave Spain legally, Alex then tried to kill Dawn in September 2004 in his mother’s driveway, by ramming their vehicle into her into the garage door. Dawn screamed before the car touched her.  Alex backed up and looked as if he was going to do it for real when his mother came out and asked about the screaming. Alex then took off up the driveway. Alex then shouted he was going to throw her things on the street and started walking towards the house. Dawn ran to the car to get her sleeping daughter out of the car and unfastened the seatbelt over her car seat. Alex got behind the wheel and started driving, dragging Dawn along the gravel road, endangering their daughter’s life at the same time. more...

“I couldn’t prevent my own child from becoming a casualty of war, but I may be able to help prevent another child from becoming one. I’d rather fail at the attempt than not try at all.”

                                                                       - Dawn Willson