Consulting Strategy Advocacy

We consult with parents of abducted children in both U.S. and abroad and assist in legal strategy and bringing your child home.


Interstate and International Parental Abduction Support

We offer a free initial telephone consultation and affordable assistance for parents of Internationally Abducted Children. We work with parents in all financial situations and guide parents through the steps needed to reunite with their children as soon as possible.


Gaining Custody

Dawn Willson and her team consults with parents of abducted children and assists in making choices to help bring your child home.

Assistance with:

                          - gaining custody

                          - locating your child

                          - legal preparation

                          - finding legal representation

                          - and even child recovery when  necessary

Legal Prep & Strategy

How Can I Help Prevent My Child From Being Abducted?

What Should I do if my child is abducted?

When a child is parentally abducted TIME IS NOT ON YOUR SIDE. It is hard to know where to begin.  Parents dealing with the loss of a child go through a number of unexpected emotions. We can help.

Child Recovery

We work with parents in all financial situations to make sure they are using the law to the fullest extent.  We assist by helping guide parents through the steps needed to reunite with their children as quickly as possible.

Please feel free to call us for a free telephone consultation.  We are always available. 

We understand your pain.

Parental Abduction is Child Abuse

   PARENTAL ABDUCTION IS A FEDERAL CRIME.     90% of Parental Abductions Occur for Revenge Purposes Only.

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100 million kids... Every 1.8 Seconds A Child is Abducted... Only 1% Are Stranger Abductions

99% of Child Abduction Crimes Occur by A Parent or Family Member

The majority of parental abductions are not entered into the National Center For Missing Children’s Data Base because local law enforcement considers Parental Abduction a civil matter, as opposed to a crime. When in fact, parental abduction is a crime. Parental abduction is a criminal offense in all 50 states. Every person who willfully causes or permits the removal or

concealment of any child in violation of Section 8713, 8803, or 8910 of the Family Code shall be punished as follows: By imprisonment in a county jail.

18 U.S.C. § 1204– International parental kidnapping

          Section 1204 of Title 18, United States Code, makes it a federal crime for a parent to remove or attempt to remove a child from the United States, or retain a child outside the United States with intent to obstruct another parent's custodial rights.  A parent who removes a child from the United States in this capacity is subject to federal prosecution, and if convicted, faces fines and imprisonment for up to 3 years.

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